Friday, August 29, 2008

Football Jamboree

Even though school started on August 22nd, our summer actually ended on August 6th. Thanks to football season our freedom was taken away while we were still in play mode. Don't get me wrong, I like watching the kids play and have even grown to enjoy (I use the word enjoy very loosely) the NFL on TV, but do we really have to start practicing everyday for 2-3 hours right in the prime of summer? This has really disrupted some good play time, but what can I do about it, after all I'm only the mom. It just seems that our summer started so late thanks to a very cold and wet June that I hate giving up any days that I don't have to. Anyway back to football - to kick off the season the league has a big Saturday Jamboree where all the teams get together and play mini games against each opponent. It was beautiful outside and we ended up having a great afternoon. Tanner and Logan each did really well and most importantly they really love playing so I guess that makes it all worth while.

Telling the other team what a good job they did even though we crushed them.
Ryan stayed cool by filling his hat up with water and putting it on his head.
Matthew slowing down long enough for me to snap a picture
Logan doing something great - I don't really know where he is, or what postition he plays. So much for my Mom of the Year award.
Logans team again. I do know he is number 29, that still doesn't help though.
Tanner is number 83, good luck seeing him


Thomas Family said...

All I have to do is close my eyes and I can imagine Logan and Tanner doing some crazy awsome moves on the football field. I hope when they make it big time they will remember us little people, family members, who supported them all the way and certainly the ones who played slappy hands with them at family gatherings.

cathy said...

I can hear you saying all the little comments you made about the games. You crack me up!