Friday, August 29, 2008

My baby goes to school

August 22nd - this is the day that I have been warned about. The day I stood back and wondered where the time has gone. It is true what people say about enjoying your kids while they are young, not easy to do when your in the thick of things, but true. It seems that the more independent my kids get the more I want to keep them close. Ryan and Matthew, my two youngest, have been so excited for school. They had their clothes laid out for a week beforehand and wore their backpacks around for days before. It was hard for the mom but they had a great first day of school. I only have pictures of them because Tanner and Logan wouldn't let me get shots of them. Actually they are just harder to get out the door and I forgot until after they left. Oh well, they aren't as cute as the little guys anyway!

Ryan in his "Jordan" clothes
getting on the bus
Can you believe how big he is?
Loves his Ironman backpack. I AM IRONMAN!
Matthew, Maycee and Carson
Neighbors and best friends leaving for kindergarten
First bus ride
Yes,he's a lefty. I have no idea how that happened. And yes, I followed the bus to school to get pictures of him getting off the bus and going into the classroom. You know you did the same thing!


Thomas Family said...

Holy Schmokes! I can't believe Mattie is in kindergarten. But he is a dang cute kindergartner. So now what are you going to do with all the free time. haha. I say that with a chuckle because I am in the same spot (well mine is a first grader this year) and it seems like I have as much if not more to do.

Great blog! I am impressed!

cathy said...

I can't believe little Mattie is in school. I love that boy! I hear that he & Kylie got along really well. I think you should make the older one's re-enact the first day of school! Then take the pic!! You are getting old! It is great!