Sunday, October 12, 2008

6 Quirky things about me

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1. I am more like my sister Steff than anyone probably realizes, I didn't even know this until I read her quirky things. Case in point: 1. I have a slight obsession with brushing my teeth, possibly not as bad as Steff but probably abnormal. 2. LOVE salt, you guessed it I was the sister making the salt paste to eat. I don't do that still but I will eat salt straight out of the bottle and salt on grapefruit - duh! Who would EVER use sugar? 3. Love the rain, probably comes from growing up in Washington and then moving to dry Idaho. 4. I can't hold still for anything, something is always moving, especially my feet - thank you Grandma. 5. Reading is my passion, I always have at least two books going and have to steal moments throughout the day to keep my sanity. Anyway, you would almost think we were related with the similarities!

2. I can't go to sleep in an unmade bed. On those rare days when our bed doesn't get made - Chad just lays down, yanks the sheet up, throws the covers off and goes to sleep. No, no, no not me. It doesn't matter if its midnight or later I have to turn the lights on make the bed perfectly - sheets tucked in, equal amounts of comforter on both sides, pillows fluffed - then I can finally go to bed and sleep peacefully. Yes, Chad is a very patient man.

3. I have crazy peanut shaped toes. I don't know why but I am the only sister to have inherited the giant Smith family toes. I even had a friend in high school that thought my second toe, which is longer than my big toe, looked like E.T. Needless to say I didn't flaunt my feet growing up. Don't feel bad for me though I have since embraced my gangly feet and can wear sandals with the best of them.

4. While I am on my feet issues I thought I would just add one more thing. In the last 6 months my feet have grown a 1/2 size. Whose feet do that? I have been a size 8 since high school, which was a while ago, and now - BAM - they just decide to grow again? What the heck! This is Bad news because my shoes don't fit anymore but on the upside I've been able to do a little shopping!

5. I'm addicted to chapstick. I have to have it with me all the time and can't go to bed without applying it.

6. Unlike most normal parents, I love it when my 5 year old sneaks into our bed at night, and it happens almost every night. It's sad to see my kids growing up so fast so I like to hold onto moments like that as long as I can. In fact, after I get the other 3 off to school in the morning Matthew and I will often get back in bed for a little snuggling. I LOVE IT.

Are these things actually quirky or just a different version of normal? Something to think about. Hope you enjoyed and I tag Heidi, Misty, Trista and Matt

And the award goes to....

So I finally got to my spring cleaning in September, ok so my parents were coming and I felt motivated to dig out my house - funny how that happens. Anyway I was doing some serious organizing, you know the kind where you end up with almost everything you own in a pile to give away or to go to the dump. I had just finished the basement and it was looking pretty awesome and my son Ryan walks into the room looks around and starts an applause that slowly picks up in speed and strength. He walks around the room then looks at me, still clapping, and says - nice job Mom. Isn't it great to know that occasionally a moms hard work gets noticed?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Great Friends, Great Fun

Our best friends The DeMilles (Reece, Michelle, Sarah, Elise, Chloe, Brooke, Nicole, Adam and Benjamin) live about 4 hours from us in Utah yet it's been almost a year since we've seen them. This being the case we decided to make a quick trip the weekend before school started to hang out and catch up. Between their 7 kids and our 4 there was plenty of activity and chaos. We did sneak away to play a little tennis and go out to dinner - Macaroni Grill, it was sooo good! We also watched the Olympics and went to church with them. We had a great time, if only we lived closer. Thanks you guys!
This is Brooke, she's a cutie
Tanner and Brooke helping with dinner. We ate almost every meal out of their garden. I wish I enjoyed gardening more
Chad and Chloe exhausted from all the fun
Tanner taking Elise on in basketball
She can definitely hold her own, as can all their girls against the boys
Chloe is sitting in the chair keeping score, I can't remember who won, at least I won't post it!
Logan trying out the pogo stick, he had more luck than Reece who twisted his ankle and had to hobble around all weekend
We did take the kids out once for ice cream - it was all we could handle!
Logan, Nicole, Ryan, Chloe, Sarah and Brooke

Friday, August 29, 2008

Football Jamboree

Even though school started on August 22nd, our summer actually ended on August 6th. Thanks to football season our freedom was taken away while we were still in play mode. Don't get me wrong, I like watching the kids play and have even grown to enjoy (I use the word enjoy very loosely) the NFL on TV, but do we really have to start practicing everyday for 2-3 hours right in the prime of summer? This has really disrupted some good play time, but what can I do about it, after all I'm only the mom. It just seems that our summer started so late thanks to a very cold and wet June that I hate giving up any days that I don't have to. Anyway back to football - to kick off the season the league has a big Saturday Jamboree where all the teams get together and play mini games against each opponent. It was beautiful outside and we ended up having a great afternoon. Tanner and Logan each did really well and most importantly they really love playing so I guess that makes it all worth while.

Telling the other team what a good job they did even though we crushed them.
Ryan stayed cool by filling his hat up with water and putting it on his head.
Matthew slowing down long enough for me to snap a picture
Logan doing something great - I don't really know where he is, or what postition he plays. So much for my Mom of the Year award.
Logans team again. I do know he is number 29, that still doesn't help though.
Tanner is number 83, good luck seeing him

My baby goes to school

August 22nd - this is the day that I have been warned about. The day I stood back and wondered where the time has gone. It is true what people say about enjoying your kids while they are young, not easy to do when your in the thick of things, but true. It seems that the more independent my kids get the more I want to keep them close. Ryan and Matthew, my two youngest, have been so excited for school. They had their clothes laid out for a week beforehand and wore their backpacks around for days before. It was hard for the mom but they had a great first day of school. I only have pictures of them because Tanner and Logan wouldn't let me get shots of them. Actually they are just harder to get out the door and I forgot until after they left. Oh well, they aren't as cute as the little guys anyway!

Ryan in his "Jordan" clothes
getting on the bus
Can you believe how big he is?
Loves his Ironman backpack. I AM IRONMAN!
Matthew, Maycee and Carson
Neighbors and best friends leaving for kindergarten
First bus ride
Yes,he's a lefty. I have no idea how that happened. And yes, I followed the bus to school to get pictures of him getting off the bus and going into the classroom. You know you did the same thing!

So this whole blogging thing has been quite a journey for me. I have this dream of being a big-time blogger like my sisters and then months and months and months go by and all that is on my blog are sarcastic comments from certain loved ones - you know who you are! Not to worry though, I am willing to look beyond the hurtful comments and finally post and join the world of blogging nerds!

Monday, February 11, 2008